Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Read and learn

I could not write it better than this:  from enuhski's tumblr fantasies of a bottom dweller.

I Think Therefore I Am For Gibo

Gibo never asks people to vote for him just because he says so. As I earlier stated, he doesn’t rely on other influential people (celebrities, actors, whoever) to sing his praises and use their clout and appeal for regular folks to vote for him.

He encourages every voter to be critical and informed about their candidates and should they find him the best one for the job, then he welcomes the support. Gibo’s ads have been branded as abstract and elitist (especially the sulong commercial) simply because there are no celebrities, no perpetually exploited images of poverty and despair or anti-corruption slogans (so popular in our jaded political landscape) and no unrealistic promises. Gibo is likewise out in the cold because he doesn’t want to the join the Star Wars like battle of good versus evil that simplistically defines the 2010 elections. Pragmatic voters who are polarized into batting for Noynoy and Villar only are weighing their options based on winnability. 

Yet support grows for Gibo with each passing day. Don’t be fooled by the surveys. Don’t vote based on popularity alone, or misguided illusions. Ask why the media is intensely focused on reporting on black propaganda instead of educating and informing the public about issues the future President should be prepared to handle. Look for other sources of information and opinion - a little research goes a long way.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010