Friday, April 27, 2012

Put "smiley" face here

Is foregoing a previously carefully-vetted decision only because there seems to be an escalation of opposition to it (even as those opposed give you the benefit of "ultimately, it is up to you") good enough?  

Is that enough sign of humility (or obedience)?

So ... As Sarah says,

Funny how just moving my lips into the shape of a smile can change my outlook…

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Two days

Had a great two days, waking up, to the news of Champions League wins (well, the good news of two losses!).  Yesterday, Barca got kicked out of another CL finals appearance by Chelsea.  Not really a team am rooting for, but a loss by Barca, who beat AC Milan in the quarters, was a "karma's-a-bitch" moment.  Yeah!  Today, although, a little belated because of internet connection issues, I found out my second team, Bayern Munich, won their semifinal match against Real Madrid, in Madrid, on a 3-1 win on penalties (after a 3-3 aggregate).  Another KAB moment, especially as they poached Kaka' from ACM some years back.  Yeah!  Double yeah!

Give me the luxury just this time to celebrate the losses.  Forza!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

It always ends happily


Although this article about NBA player JaVale McGee was not a pro-life write-up, but an NBA profile, it turns out happily a pro-life story.

On a Saturday morning in the spring of 1987, Pamela McGee sat on the shore at Dockweiler State Beach in Los Angeles, 72 hours from a scheduled abortion. "Do you want to be pregnant?" the counselor at the clinic had asked her. "No," McGee replied. She was a single, 24-year-old professional basketball player, and she could not take maternity leave. And even if she could, she couldn't imagine hauling an infant to Italy and parking the stroller next to the bench. But as McGee looked out over the Pacific, she began to reconsider. "I prayed and prayed and prayed and felt like I heard a voice from God," McGee says. "He was telling me, 'This is your gift.' " The next day she went to Faithful Central Bible Church in Inglewood, and the pastor delivered a sermon about not aborting one's blessings. O.K., God, McGee thought. You don't have to beat it into my head. She called the clinic to cancel, and on Jan. 19, 1988, gave birth to a boy with physical abilities that would border on the supernatural. ...

The day after last year's dunk contest in L.A., JaVale called his mother at 8 a.m. and told her he wanted to go to church. Pamela was exhausted, with only five hours sleep, and surprised. But she knew just the place. During the sermon at Faithful Central Bible, JaVale looked over at his mom, tears streaking her cheeks. "Why are you crying?" he asked. There, for the first time, Pamela told him about the clinic and the beach and the reason she cannot get all that upset about alley-oops gone awry. "For me," she told her son, "you've been such a blessing."

Today is the anniversary of the election of Pope Benedict XVI.  Here is an article by Elizabeth.  

Later that night, an exhausted Nicholas, who is four, snuggled next to me as we watched a replay of the announcement on the balcony.
"I see Benedict," he said.
"Yes," I encouraged my tender-hearted boy, "What does he look like to you?"
"He has very white hair, Nicholas observed. "And his cassock is white, too. That?s for celebration. He wears white for celebration."
I waited a moment, watching with him.
"I wonder," Nicholas said quietly, "what color his hair will be in ordinary time."
Fighting laughter, I let him wonder and watched him fall asleep. I was so grateful for our beautiful day. My children will always remember the day as one of celebration and they will always have a sense of having participated in a momentous event as members of the Universal Church. A beautiful, holy day, indeed.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Justice must be restored first

The injustice that is human IVF (injustice to the person formed) has far-reaching repercussions.  The problems that result from this injustice will only continue to increase for as long as the practice is not stopped.  And even if this "reproductive technology" is halted, there is also the question of what is to be done with the frozen embryos.  The Church and governments (and even the courts) are still at a loss as to how to resolve this, and even then, we hear almost everyday about all the problems that have arisen.

Case in point is that recent case just "resolved" by the court in Pennsylvania on the fate of 13 frozen embryos whose parents divorced:  the court says the mother can have the IVF despite the father's protest.  This is different from another case in Tennessee, where the court ordered the destruction of the frozen embryos in another case of divorced parents.  See how complicated the matter of IVF is.

Then there are also cases of surrogacy and same-sex couples who want to have children of "their own.


Actually, this and other cases could be totally avoided if we did not allow mass manufacturing and freezing of human lives in a laboratory. These couples are already parents. The question is not whether parenthood is forced on them (they freely chose to become parents in undergoing IVF), but whether these embryos deserve a chance to finish their lives.

Step back and realize how surreal this situation is. These offspring have had their fates decided by a court where one parent wants to give at least some of them a chance to finish the lives that IVF started and the other parent just wants them destroyed. How far have we come in this world of “reproductive rights” for the parents that this scenario, where children’s lives are at the mercy of a court, is becoming more common place?


This is an untenable situation that we should never have allowed to happen. Until we regulate the fertility industry and realize that embryos are not “potential human life”, but instead “human life with potential”, our courts will continue to be charged with deciding the fate of these littlest of human lives. A decision they should never be charged to make.

Sunday, April 08, 2012

Happy Easter!!!

Life is stronger than death.  Good is stronger the evil.  Love is stronger than hate.  Truth is stronger than lies.  Benedict XVI