Sunday, December 19, 2004

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I was in SM CdO Friday evening. After buying what I went to SM for, I decided to take a cab. I was the only one waiting for a ride at the taxi stand, and the wait wasn't that long. A cab had pulled up almost immediately. As the lady was coming out, with me waiting at the sidewalk (I had to face toward another direction, because the lady was someone who must have gone to SM to buy some more cloth for her outfit was a little more wanting ... in cloth). As I thought the lady was conveniently out of view, another lady arrived and would have gotten the cab. For an instant I wanted to fight it out with her (then I remembered Carinne, no more crying ladies!), but I chose not to. But. The security guard stopped her and told her that I was ahead of her. She was sorry (hey I would have given it to her) and said that she did not see me (with my size? she must have been wanting ... of an eye check-up). I really would have given in, but then Mr. Guard said, sige na sir, and another empty cab pulled in behind my cab. Convenient. Still I could have given my cab to her. No good deed yet.
Now comes the nice part. Forgetting the incident altogether, I started my little chit-chat with Mr. cab driver. He could not even start talking when the engine sputtered, the cab ran out of fuel. I had to walk back to the taxi stand, the guard quite surprised to see me back there so soon. The wait wasn't long and I was on my way again. What would have the lady said if I had really given in previously, and she found herself walking back to the taxi stand? I think I did better in the end. Don't you think?

Ms. Lucy Viri-Garcia

December 10, I received email from the best grade 2 teacher I ever had -- ok, ok, she was my one and only grade 2 teacher. She is now at Assumption College in Makati, methinks about to retire. She had seen the yahoogroup for Dole Phils School alumni that I moderate. It was almost 30 years ago that I last saw her. I seem to remember that my classmates almost barred her from leaving the teachers' cottage and miss her flight. That was how much we loved her. I have since emailed her twice. I thought I'd give her small doses instead of my usual long emails that are neither few nor far between. Basig ma-subrahan sa emotion. We've exchanged SMS as well. She was my best teacher. I loved Grade 2 because of her.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Why ForzaMillan?

I love football. And although I have a logical attraction to the AC Milan team in the Italian League Serie A because of its close resemblance to my initials (AS Millan), I think that their Forza Milan motto is equally, well, moving. Forza is such a "forceful" Italian word. Capisce? Besides, AC Milan is a strong team.

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