Sunday, October 29, 2006

Greens bid Red goodbye

The Boston Celtics announced the passing of it's president Arnold 'Red' Auerbach, who was 89. He won 16 Championships and wore jersey #2. The Celtics will dedicate this season to Red.
Stories and testimonies here.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Abortar es matar

Nicaragua's national assembly voted 52-0 for a bill that increased coverage of the ban on abortions. This will most likely be signed into a law. How brave (and correct) these legislators from Nicaragua!

Unlike, well, never mind.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Media again?

Madonna blames media for the "controversy" surrounding her adoption in Malawi. C'mon now. Angelina has adopted but she never had any controversies. Should it be that she followed proper procedures?
Review previous post.


SC decides on RP cha-cha moves. Close. But nuff.
A sigh of relief, eh, your honors?


Don't get to watch much Grey's Anatomy, but here's Peter Brown. It's only TV?
Grey's Anatomy: Entertaining but Irresponsible

Monday, October 23, 2006


I do not read her often, but every now and then she gets my attention. In this belated blog, I point you to sassy lawyer, belated because this was about the incident in the Makati City Hall some days back.

So long Schumi

Eormula One racing bids Abschied to Schumi. In a perfect world, I'd be an F1 driver, but, alas, this is not a perfect world. Read F1 story on Schumi's last race.

Friday, October 20, 2006


Steve Milloy on the latest Harvard study on fish intake. Calls it fishy dietary advice.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Un posto Italiano



Sent some comments through the Feedback feature. Except for the:

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I do not get any more feedback. Think they're sick of my feedback?

But they say "We welcome your opinion on the news and other issues of importance. Send your comments, suggestions or opinions about an article or just about anything through our feedback form below."

Tiger's done with the Vardon this year

Even as Tiger Woods's little over 68 adjusted scoring average is the lowest this year, he will not win the Vardon Trophy he won 5 consecutive times from 1999 to 2003 and a record sixth time in 2005. Why? Since 1937, the Vardon Trophy, named in honor of famed British golfer Harry Vardon, is awarded annually to the touring professional with the lowest Adjusted Scoring Average. It is based on a minimum of 60 rounds, with no incomplete rounds, in events co-sponsored or designated by the PGA Tour. Since Tiger missed the cut once this year and retired from another, and would have only played 59 rounds by the end of the season, he won't get the Vardon Trophy. This will be Furyk's to claim.

There is no doubt Tiger will get PGA Player of the Year, a more important award, the PGA Tour's Byron Nelson Award for lowest scoring average (same as Vardon but only requires 50 rounds), and the money award too (least important, really, but still will add to what he can put into his foundation to help the needy, really).

Read Gary Van Sickle at, and why he thinks we should not be too hard on Tiger for not having the "drive" to claim another Vardon.

Marriage and Family in the US interprets US Census Bureau's 2005 census saying: Has Being Married Gone Out of Style?
Blame how much money we have, not our lack of values, for the decline in married households

misteramericano notes differently.

Join ( R E D )

Might be worth your while. Join ( R E D )

Madonna's Malawi Proselytism?

Apparently, Madonna's Malawi mission is none other than a way to spread Kabbalah. Here.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Peggy's October 13th

The Sounds of Silencing

Why do Americans on the left think only they have the right to dissent?

The Pope in Turkey

The Pope will visit Turkey as planned. We just have to pray for the success of that trip, including his safety.

In the UN, Hugo Chavez wants Venezuela in the Security Council. After calling the UN useless, he wants to be a member of the Security Council? Duh? Of course, everyone knows he only wants that to be able to say more stinky things against the US and the UN. And he's paid with petrodollars this obsession. Thing is, Guatemala is giving Venezuela a tough time in the voting: Guatemala won 109 votes in the first round, 114 in the second, 116 in the third, 110 in the fourth, and 103 in the fifth. First one to get 2/3 vote wins the remaong seat up for grabs.

Real men don't wear flip-flops?

Do 'Real Men' Wear Flip-Flops?

Monday, October 09, 2006

Dolefil strike update

Sunstar GenSan writes an update of the Dolefil labor crisis. I am happy to note that they have now included a much clearer picture (more accurate) of DPI's finances, to wit: Based on a report issued by the Securities and Exchange Commission in 2004, Dole Philippines ranked 52nd among the top corporations in the country. Its gross revenue was P12.9 billion and a net income of P98 million.

No update from Mindanews. But searching through the past issues of Mindanews, I saw a story dated September 23, 2006 with the title Dole workers reject mgt's new offer; strke to begin anytime . What is weird is that on September 25, Mindanews published another one with the title Strike looms at Dole Phils.; dispute now in the hands of labor secretary of which I wrote about and sent them an email, etc. If they had it right on the 23rd, why repeat the error on the 25th? Sleuthing some more, the September 23 report was filed by Allen V. Estabillo. Allen also writes for Sunstar GenSan or at least his name appears in the byline together with Edwin Espejo in this story.

Sus! This gets complicated. But I am happy Sunstar made some clarifications and Mindanews might have actually rectified (but repeated the mistake in a later story, whew! Sayang!).

Almost envious

Justin Junio crossed the Mactan Channel yesterday. And he is only 5. Here's Sunstar's story.

Rhett and the smoke detector

Believe it or not? I believe. As I entered the faculty area of my school, I heard that distinctive sound of the smoke detector. True enough. Nope, there wasn't any smoke. The high-pitched beeps one second apart signaled that the battery of the device was nearing its useful life, and needed to be replaced. I got the ladder and took off the smoke detector mounted on the ceiling and got the battery. Filled out a repair slip, and thought nothing of it.

Until I checked my PDA and realized that today was Rhett's birthday. Was, because now he celebrates his birth to Heaven every March 28. Three and a half years ago, Rhett had an aneurysm, and was in a coma for about a month. There were signs that he would have made it through, but God had other plans.

And the connection between Rhett and the smoke detector?

Rhett was an Opus Dei member and attended formation in an Opus Dei center that I help out in. It happened maybe about a year or two before he passed on. One of the smoke detectors had signaled a weak battery. I heard it and Rhett heard it too. He offered to help replace the battery.
So there I was on the ladder, and Rhett holding the ladder to keep it steady. Here was a MAN, who only a few years earlier walked the halls of Malacanang as Presidential Assistant for Visayas of Pres. FVR, and who was "held in high esteem" by many, if not all, holding steady the ladder so I may be able to change the "low-batted" smoke detector.
Rhett was a trustee of my school. He brought many of his friends to the school, to show them what we do. I was extremely proud of Rhett. And I dare say, he is still helping us from Heaven.

Talking of helping, the Gospel passage of today's Mass (Luke 10: 25-37) speaks in the second part of the Good Samaritan who helps a man who "fell victim to robbers as he went down from Jerusalem to Jericho." It's a good day to fill with many acts of charity. Here's another story of charity. The Pennsylvania Amish community who suffered from the murders of and injury to some of its children attended the funeral for gunman Charles Carl Roberts IV.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Sr. Coronel

Queena Lee-Chua wrote about Sr. Iluminada Coronel in Inquirer yesterday. Couldn't add anything more to what she said. Sr. Coronel is an excellent math teacher. I know. She was my teacher in Calculus 1 at AdMU, way back ...

Friday, October 06, 2006


Originally uploaded by asmillan3.
The half-moon over CdO last week.


Originally uploaded by asmillan3.
A little peek-a-boo from the sun. Caught this as I disembarked from the Superferry 12 in Cagayan de Oro last week. This was a quick take. It could have been composed better, but, still, am happy with this.

Lessons learned

We can learn a lot from the example of the Amish community of Pennsylvania, in their grief and forgiveness, amidst the tragedy that struck them some days back. I am sure you can google the story anytime. Here's a link though.

St. Josemaria Escriva

Four years ago today, I was in Rome for the Canonization of the Founder of Opus Dei Josemaria Escriva.
Here's a link to some pictures in my online photoalbum.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


And so it was. Season 69 UAAP Basketball was won by UST. The Eagles flew too low. It's good for their humility. And once again,we hear, as in the past three editions: Win or lose, it's the school we choose!

My record for watching the games and AdMU losing increased last Saturday (the Sunday of the week before, I didn't watch and AdMU won). And yesterday, being a workday, I did not watch, and yet AdMU lost. Should I have gone home earlier instead?

Thing is, I also go for Yellow. And Yellow won. Congratulations Dad and Mom, from USTE!