Monday, December 13, 2010

More hot air

Despite what the mainstream media has put out, the COP16 at Cancun only resulted to minor victories for climate change proponents:  a $100B pledge to help countries "most vulnerable" to climate disruptions, technology transfer, and agreement on tropical rainforests.

The real climate treaty that would lower carbon emissions through an extension of the Kyoto Protocol, well, could not be done.

Try again in South Africa next year or wherever it will be in 2012.  Maybe by that time, a deal would be unnecessary.  Think of your ending:  boom or gloom.

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Better medicines instead

The contraceptive mentality leads RH supporters to treat pregnancy as a disease, something that should be avoided.  But pregnancy is not a disease.  Ever wonder why health insurance will not cover pregnancies?

The RH bill being proposed in the Philippine Congress will push for more free artificial contraceptives.  Government will be the biggest supplier of these contraceptives.  Government will have to get these from suppliers, which in fact, going by government's tendency for special arrangements for megadeals, perhaps, may be a source of graft and corruption.

Many scientific and medical studies have proven the link of contraceptives to diseases such as hypertension and cancer (not to mention the amount of estrogen in the water that could be dangerous to the male species).  If government gets its mandate to distribute contraceptives, I believe it will be complicit in the health woes of many of our people.  We, as a people, should be able  to sue government.

The sad thing about people getting sick as side-effects of contraceptive use in the Philippines is that government helps little to none in the medication of the sick.  Why not allocate more and free medicines for hypertension and cancer instead?

If contraceptives are preventive and curative medicines (prevent and cure the disease that is pregnancy), why are there no sufficient health warnings in the packages?

And since the climate change peeps are meeting in Cancun (the link between global warming alarmism and population control and reproductive health will be for another post), let me ask one last question:  How much carbon emissions do manufacturers of contraceptives contribute worldwide?

Monday, December 06, 2010

Because it needs to be said

Not that it has not been said many times in the past.

Some of the Catholic faithful have expressed the fear that the battle for the RH bill in the Philippine Congress is a lost cause.  While I am generally an optimist and a "fight-until-the-fat-lady-sings"-type, I can see why there is the fear..

Why has a time like this come to be?

Because we, both clergy and laity, have been too silent, too forgiving of our brothers and sisters who have lost their way.  True, there is a need for compassion.  But how far should this compassion go? Compassion while pushing moral relativism is not the answer.

But silence is not the only reason.  What is worse is that some in the Church have contradicted Church teaching, specifically Humanae Vitae, and have suggested without even the slightest fear of error that contraceptive use is not sinful. 

Some are even trying to create a "consensus" RH Bill, that is really, in substance, still the same crap.