Wednesday, May 30, 2007


If you are in Davao City, with some time in your hands, visit my cousin Kublai's art gallery at Ponce Suites (his Mom Min and her older brother own this small hotel). Kublai finished Fine Arts at UPD, and has busied himself as a sculptor and painter.

He made the huge durian sculpture at the Davao International Airport (pictured left) and Sultan Kudarat town's kampilan statue. He is also "famous" for his sculptures in the Enigmata Treehouse Galeri.

He has been commissioned to do the main sculptures of what will be the biggest church in Mindanao in Tagum City. He will make a 50-foot statue of the risen Christ.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

About 2 years ago

About two years ago, I was in Tagaytay, hoping that the Rossoneri would win their finals against the Reds.

The day ended with a Reds win and me having a bum stomach from Yellow Cab Pizza.

Here's a pic from my phlog.

Lock down

They get results in America. Took about a year, but they'll be in lock down soon.
My call from my blog last year still stands.

Next year again?

Paolo Maldini captained the Rossoneri to another CL finals win. This is his second. Franz Beckenbauer has three finals win as captain of Bayern Munchen in the 70's (consecutive). Will Paolo get to captain again next year?

Black makes the difference

The Rossoneri (although they were in their white) won over the Reds in the finals of the UEFA Champions League in Athens last night, thanks to two goals by Filippo Inzaghi, one in each half. They gave up one goal at the 88.
Read here. Or here about what it means for captain Maldini Or here for what it is for Filippo. And here for Ancelotti. Of course, you must see too and don't miss the flash presentation (7 wins in Champions League).


Tuesday, May 22, 2007

How cool is that

Ademar writes "Fighting poverty".
He/She begins with a quote from Bo Derek.
And ends with a quote from the Bible (KJV).
I couldn't pull that off. He/She did. How cool is that?


Thursday, May 17, 2007

hear ye hear ye

Welcome the new converts. Any more?
Climate Momentum Shifting: Prominent Scientists Reverse Belief in Man-made Global Warming - Now Skeptics!

Friday, May 11, 2007

Cost of corruption

The Philippines is losing about USD 2B a year, or about PhP100B annually. If instead of losing that to corruption, that amount is distributed to all the families in the Philippines (about 20M), each family will receive about P5K subsidy from government. If that amount is distributed to families living in poverty, the amount of subsidy becomes even greater. If that amount is distributed among families who can start their own businesses, the capital could be sizeable. Enough to allow for greater business success. If only . . .

He's got a point

Bobby Schindler takes time to explain some pro-life and disability issues tied to her sister's case.

Thursday, May 10, 2007


Then bad (if used to flush out terrorists), now good (if used to know more about our customers).

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Now the link

One global warming alarmist now finds the link between population control and global warming / carbon dioxide output. What else is new? That has always been the link they want to make. I propose thus: we should get rid of the older ones, say 50 and above. Am sure they have a lot more cabon dioxide output than children. Any volunteeers?

BTW, doesn't Al Gore have 4 children?

Friday, May 04, 2007

True to form

First Gentleman orders his lawyers to drop all his libel suits against journalists.  Journalists seem to say Thanks, but no thanks.  Let's continue our class suit against FG.  See you in court.  There was only one I heard who said something like Thanks.  Let's end this.  Ramon Tulfo.  I just don't remember if he joined the class suit, however.

Cory's phone bugged.  She wasn't surprised.  No one is.  Malacanang says we do not know anything about it.  Opposition says it is government's doing.  The pros say it is opposition's gimmick.

And watching the tv news and clips, I am more and more convinced that we do not know how to preserve the scene of the crime.  I mean, almost everyone, contaminated evidence.  PLDT, the police, Cory herself, media, even my batchmate Ricky now with ANC, holding evidence or possible pieces of evidence.  Whew!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

It only takes 1 II

ST links us to the story of George. While we look for more heroes, here is one worth reading about.

Why one who is not our kind could possibly protect us from harm makes us wonder why our kind would do many things to harm us. Like this. Or this.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Was it necessary?

A local daily reports on a person who shot himself yesterday and fell from his perch three stories up. Some police officers say that the shooting seemed like it was accidental. The on-line edition (did not see the printed version yet) shows two vidcaps of the actual shooting. Was that really necessary? It's bad enough the person died. To show the vidcaps was not warranted, I believe. Remember how NBC got flak for showing the VT shooter videos -- and they were not even showing the actual shootings but just his rants and poses? Remember also how CNN got flak for showing the AQ-provided video of live sniper shootings of American soldiers in Iraq?

Sorry I won't link to local daily's page. Up to you to find it.

It only takes 1

The Rossoneri go up against ManU at San Siro tonight in the second leg of their UEFA Champions League semifinal. ManU won the first leg in Old Trafford 3-2. As ACM got 2 away goals, they only need to win 1-0 for the right to go into the finals against Liverpool FC, who "knocked English rivals Chelsea FC out of the UEFA Champions League 4-1 on penalties to reach a second final in three seasons on a dramatic night at Anfield." (

Update: Not only 1. They scored 3 to ManU's . . . 0. ManU never saw what hit them.