Monday, September 18, 2006

Pope Benedict XVI and some Muslims

The very fruitful homecoming for Pope Benedict XVI to his home province Bavaria was spoiled (a little, I must say) by his QUOTED words in one of his last speeches in Germany. These quotes so angered some Muslims -- at least, the ones who felt threatened precisely by his caution against Islamic extremism or Islamism. When he said that he was very upset at the misunderstanding of the quotes through a spokesman, these same Muslims wanted him to apologize in person. When he did apologize (during his Sunday angelus homily from Castegandolfo, even if I thought he shouldn't have, but hey, he's the Pope), still they don't let it rest. A friend asks, "What do they want him to do? Kneel down and bleed? (Like) Christ did (?)"

Methinks, MSM played this one irresponsibly.

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