Saturday, October 25, 2008

the one (no caps intentional)

Got a ton of stuff to finish, not much time to troll around the net, so I direct you to this piece in by Guy Benson, Mary Katharine Ham, and Ed Morrissey who say they are:
... two young conservative journalists—both in our 20s. Unlike many of our peers, we are not swept up in Obamamania and would prefer John McCain to win the election. We’ve teamed up with seasoned blogger extraordinaire, Ed Morrissey, whose careful and thoughtful pursuit of the truth—even when it benefits his political opponents—is respected across the blogosphere. In that spirit, we are not at all interested in perpetuating lies, rumors, and innuendo about Barack Obama. Promoting such information does America a disservice, allows Obama’s supporters to justifiably cry “smear,” and damages our own credibility.

I reiterate of course that even if I do not vote in US Elections, the outcome will affect us in the Philippines, whether we like it or not, and only because we tend to copy what they have over in the US.

See also October 23 post of Dawn.

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