Sunday, May 03, 2009

To be socialist or not

May 1 Labor Day "celebrations" usually see labor groups converging and/or marching en masse to known labor day monuments. In the Philippines, militant labor groups never give up the chance to say things that will help push their agenda.

The Inquirer, in "Socialism seen as best solution to crisis", reports that these groups say that "the best solution to the 'worsening crisis of the world capitalist system'" is socialism. The report also quotes KMU's Roy Velez as saying that “the best thing that the government of Mrs. Arroyo can do is to refuse dictates from her imperialist US master and start nationalizing our vital industries and implement a genuine agrarian reform program on the countryside.”

Does not Roy Velez understand that the One's administration with its "big government" policy direction is actually pushing for socialism? If GMA refuses the dictates of the US at this time, what the militant groups in RP are pushing for will not happen. I guess Mr. Velez should read more about what's happening in the US now. He could google "tea party" or follow Michelle here.

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