Sunday, September 27, 2009

"Global warming, I said."

What people will go through:

We braved the flood to buy food and ciggies to last until tomorrow morning... cars parked on the street are half-submerged in water. The sari-sari store owner told us that today's San Antonio flood is the worst in 10 years.

Food, okay. But what are the cigarettes for? And then he says:

"Global Warming..." I said.

C'mon. You puff away till morning and you blame this weather disturbance to global warming. You are funny. Tee hee. Do as I say not as I do.

More finding a link that does not exist, here (Kaning mga tao dili ra ba jud mo too ug global warming ... ) and here (global warming global warming global warming. please don't say we weren't warned.)

Ondoy, you come just in time. Maybe we can tell the folks in Copenhagen in December about this


ForzaMillan said...

Since 2003, some scientists not in the tank with the global warming hysterics have said that the signs of global cooling were showing. For one, increase in enhanced global rainfall. The problem of flooding will come whether there is cooling or warming (as the GWA believe). What we need is to conrol the flooding and not waste our time worrying about global temperatures.

Super Man said...

ForzaMillan said...

Precisely my point!