Thursday, October 15, 2009

Doused with cold water so soon

A soon as the BBC came out with its report on the Catlin Arctic Survey of Pen Hadow, Watts up with that came out with its top ten reasons why the Catlin Arctic Survey cannot be trusted. Take that for speed.

So the question to readers and media is: with these sorts of issues listed above, do you really want to trust the data from a group of people that perform and present “science” in this way? If you do, it would seem to me that you are putting form over substance. Even if we didn’t have these trust issues, are 39 datapoints over a short section of the Arctic really that useful given the other tools shown to be at the disposal of real science?

The Catlin Arctic Ice Survey is in my opinion, nothing more than a badly executed public relations stunt covered with the thinnest veneer of attempted science.

If the science is resolved, why the need to lie? Oh, because the science isn't.

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