Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Shades of Mayweather?

Edward John Craig at Planet Gore writes The Debate Is Over that mentions the 2010 Panetta Institute Lecture Series guests including Al Gore, Jeb Bush, James Carville, Harvey Pitt, Robert Reich, James Rubin, and Frances Townsend. This year's theme is The Second Decade (2010-2020): What's Next for America?

Each of the lectures will be a moderated discussion with two "opposing sides" represented. Except that of Al. Because the debate is over. Just cuz.
And Al? He's on the panel called "Can We Save the Planet that Sustains Us?" Al will have a moderator, but no, he won't be debating anyone.
By the way, a legit question posted at Planet Gore: What is the carbon cost of recalling 437,000 Prius hybrids?

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