Monday, November 08, 2010

Kiss off

After Pope Benedict XVI left Spain after a quick trip, many news outlets came out with reports similar to this:

BARCELONA, Spain – About 200 people have staged a gay "kiss-in" as Pope Benedict XVI drove by to protest his visit to Spain and his policies on homosexuality, condom use and other issues.  About half the protesters kissed and the other half jeered as Benedict passed by Barcelona's cathedral in his white popemobile on his way to celebrate Mass on Sunday morning.

So they did what they said they would
Again, bashing the Church for the mistakes of some.  The weird thing is that among  these "some" who have done such great disservice to the Church and the faithful, most of them  are of the same orientation:  gay.

If they want the Church to change her doctrine on homosexuality, are they saying then that what those gay clergy did were not entirely bad?  They just did what their flesh  urged them to do, right?


WillyJ said...

The press keeps on playing-up those '200 protesters'...I guess if it were just 10 people, the tone would be the same. "..half the protesters kissed and the other half jeered..they do not realize that is an extremely rude thing to do to a visiting head of state??

ForzaMillan said...

True. Lamestream media is so predictable. Then again, too, the "left" has not really been known for being "nice". I was thinking that they would have asked for a better way to let their sentiments known to the Pope. I believe the visit, however short, would have tremendous effects in Spain, as it did in the UK.