Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The spin, again

News feature entitled "3 Miss Mandaue winners favor RH bill passage" explains the reasons for the three ladies' support for the RH Bill proposed in the Philippine Congress in so many paragraphs.  

A single line was attributed to the winner's rejection of the RH Bill:  On the other hand, crowned Miss Mandaue Donna Cardino opposed the RH bill because it is against the teachings of the Catholic Church.

Then again, one line says it all, and the same one line to prove her truly worthy of the prize.


WillyJ said...

Blatant. Bias. Unabashed.

The winner gets a one-liner, and one that is calculated to ridicule. Translated: the winner has no argument and blindly follows the Church. Even the heading is deceptive. ugh

ForzaMillan said...

Yep. That is why there really is a need to form the consciences of people. I hope that Ms. Cardino knew the other correct reasons, and that media put in only that one. Any volunteer to explain to her what is wrong with the RH Bill? It's a quaky first step, but a good first step.