Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The heat is on

Last Saturday, City Hall closed some areas of the downtown area to vehicular traffic upon the recommendation of some environmental groups.  Again, an exercise in futility, and they know it, but carry out nevertheless because, "it is the thought that counts", much like your Earth Hour.  And with 350.org as one of lead groups, it is nothing but an excuse to instill in the minds of folks the disingenuous man-made catastrophic climate crisis.

That Saturday activity only raised heat in the heads of people affected, and perhaps even increased emissions as cars had to go a longer way to get around the "pedonale" areas.

On another note, I wonder why they did not close down the areas where there were usually more cars like the Cebu Business Park, the IT Park, or the SM City area.  In the downtown area, people are used to walking there and the volume of cars are not as much, I believe.

Last Saturday, I was on the road around the three areas previously mentioned.  I saw LOTS of cars and LOTS of cars carrying only one person.  At least at the downtown area, the jeeps carry more than 10 at any given time (of course the jeeps also give their share in pollution, we really need to do more about the belchers).  

So why not do the "no car" activity in these areas next time?

Or why not let those with cars "enjoy" themselves more by participating in a "no car" activity (by staying home and not go to the malls and other commercial areas for retail tripping), than inconvenience those who need to go downtown to eke out a living or get most out of their hard-earned money in discounts and ukay-ukay (or others, but you get the drift).

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