Monday, December 05, 2011

Another Catholic that ...

gives Catholic a bad name.  And he is even the front runner in the polls re GOP candidates for US election.  H/T: Jill

On another note, you must have read or heard or whatever about a youtube video that has gone viral on a "Pinoy" celeb talking about another Pinay celeb's supposed abortion.  Sad.   Really sad.  

A blogger said that the anti-RH peeps are going to have a field day with this scandal.  Really?  

Perhaps so, but only because this abortion, if it indeed was procured abroad, is only a testament to the failure of contraception without the benefit of correct moral formation.  Then again, a true moral formation that emphasizes on abstinence (outside of the context of marriage) will guarantee that there is no pregnancy, and there would not have been any abortion necessary (it is not, but perhaps they thought they had no other choice considering the many factors they faced).

Of course, a fact that we cannot deny is that these celebs have had sex.  Multiple times.  Outside of marriage. It is always the same, when "pregnancy" rumors (and now even abortion) abound concerning celebs, they seem to have a hard time getting an answer out, although they usually have a set of talking points that, in the end, muddle the issue.  

I have never heard any couple simply say:  that is impossible, because we have to have sex for one to get pregnant (we are not talking of IVF here, BTW).

That is the best answer, and all bets are out the window.  BUT, only if it is true.


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