Monday, February 20, 2012

Take on, Shamcey

I was in Cagayan de Oro City for three days last week.  There is much hope.  Of course, that hope is spurred by the "awakening", as a friend says, of how much the local government has not really worked for the people, but rather for their own grip on power.  There are these streamers that say something like Bangon CdO and Go (forward) CdO.  Let us see how far they can sustain this hope.

From the airport, we mistakenly took the main road and ended up having to use one of the newer flyovers (one of those expensive "humps" as they call it) that reminded me of ube ice cream.  Yep, it was painted in purple, shades of purple.   I heard it is the mayor's favorite color.  Then again, it is about Lent, so that'll be a good reminder for the folks at CdO during Lent.

The rest of the days were really routine chats and meetings of sorts.

On Sunday, while lining up to pay for the terminal fee, it happened again.

I had the queezy (is that even a word?) feeling that people were looking at me or at least towards my direction.  Then I felt some sort of, figure, hovering over me.  Like a small cloud suddenly covering the sun on an otherwise cloudless sky.

Nope it wasn't any dementor.  It was BbP. Shamcey S. a little behind me.  At her natural height, plus 4-inch heels, that's hovering.  I did not know it was her at that moment, only some minutes later at the pre-departure area when some ladies went a little agog at her "hovering" presence.  No pictures, you just have to take my word for it, I guess.

On the Q400, before take off, a four-year old kid kept asking his Mum what time we were to take on in Cebu, persistenly, as Mum was keeping things in order and convincing older brother to give in to little sister who wanted a window seat.  

Take on?  What are you saying, son?  Take on?
Take on.  Aren't we to take off shortly?  Take off, then take on.

We had a good flight.  And a good take on.  I like the Q400.

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