Thursday, April 26, 2012

Two days

Had a great two days, waking up, to the news of Champions League wins (well, the good news of two losses!).  Yesterday, Barca got kicked out of another CL finals appearance by Chelsea.  Not really a team am rooting for, but a loss by Barca, who beat AC Milan in the quarters, was a "karma's-a-bitch" moment.  Yeah!  Today, although, a little belated because of internet connection issues, I found out my second team, Bayern Munich, won their semifinal match against Real Madrid, in Madrid, on a 3-1 win on penalties (after a 3-3 aggregate).  Another KAB moment, especially as they poached Kaka' from ACM some years back.  Yeah!  Double yeah!

Give me the luxury just this time to celebrate the losses.  Forza!

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