Tuesday, September 18, 2012

'fraidy cats

Why does our police tell us what to watch or what not to watch?  Why have they never issued an advisory like this when so many anti-Catholic and anti-Christian films and a helluva lots of other stuff have come up in the past and continue to this present day?

What hypocrisy!  Or they are simply afraid?

Two things we get out of this:

1)  They are saying that the Muslims are simply sensitive, but not sensible.  Someone makes a film they think is insulting to Islam, and they kill and pillage?  Christians most often don't?  They protest, but not to this extent?  So beware the Muslim wrath?

2)  They believe more the US pronouncements that the cause is the movie?  How much weight they put into the movie!  And they do not believe the Libyan President's version of events?

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