Friday, December 07, 2012

It's out!

The news coming out of the Philippine media in recent days have been on the devastation brought about by Typhoon Pablo.  We pray for the survivors that they may have faith in God and in men to help them recover and move forward.

It is not any wonder, however, that the global warmists (sorry, they don't call themselves that anymore, rather the climate changers, the global climate disruptors, the new climate normal-ers), and their merry band of followers (they are everywhere) have been connecting these "extreme weather disruptions" to global warming (or climate change, or ... you get the drift).

So okay.  

But  Climate Depot has come out with a new report.  Read, read, read.  A good read.

But the latest peer-reviewed studies, data and analyses undermine claims that the weather is more “extreme” or “unprecedented.” On every key measure, claims of extreme weather in our current climate fail to hold up to scrutiny.

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