Monday, February 18, 2013

When green turns red

Really, green never did turn greener (except for AlG).  Early green energy  advocates Germany and Spain are making drastic cuts to in-the-red-since-they-began green energy industries in their own countries.  And to think, we are so wanting to follow their lead ...

Yet all this means is that the government will merely have to find other, more creative ways to lose money now that the alternative energy fad is virtually dead. Luckily, spending money with absolutely nothing to show for it is one thing that every government in the current insolvent global regime, has a peculiar knack for. It also means that thousands of former government workers with no real marketable skills are about to hit the streets demanding more handouts from the nanny state, and lead to yet another wave of European civil unrest just as the 'other people's money' is about to run out.

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