Thursday, May 22, 2008

South Point Divers at Lemlunay

Sunstar General Santos has a feature entitled "Going to 'paradise' depths". It talks of the Partridge Family's South Point Divers at Lemlunay Resort.

Here's part of it:

As part of the province's tourism circuit, the resort boost of its scuba diving services through a diving shop called South Point Divers.

Sitting some 20 feet above the sea level, the 3.5-hectare property owned by the Partridge family saw its potentials not too quickly.

"This used to be our private, weekend hide-away, where the cabins are good only for the family members. But soon family friends keep coming and borrow the keys. That's the shortcut to the story why we are now operating commercially," recalled Paul Partridge, the resort manager and a certified dive instructor.
It was his father, Don, an American national, who bought the property 17 years ago after retiring from Dole Philippines Inc.

Read the rest here. The website is here.

Here's the link to Mel Ledesma's blog entry "Lemlunay" (you need to scroll down to see).

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