Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Beasts and the Children

Anything for the money? Is this how UNICEF does its work now? UNICEF entered into a memorandum of agreement with the International Islamic Relief Organization "in-line with UNICEF's policy that encourages the exchange of expertise and experiences regionally and internationally; and to collaborate and join forces as part of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGS) ... It's also one of UNICEF's strategic goals to provide what is in the best interest of children. Building partnerships with leading organizations like the International Relief organization is the result of our trust in their continuous and effective efforts to protect and secure a better future for children."

It would seem that there is nothing wrong with it. Until you get to know that two branches of the IIRO in the Philippines and Indonesia have been listed as "terrorist organizations for providing money and support to Al Qaida-linked groups, notably Abu Sayyaf (ASG) in the Philippines and Jemaah Islamiyah (JI) in Indonesia." UN herself says so too.

Then again, it would not be surprising as UNICEF has been doing the dance of death with groups like Planned Parenthood. And to think that some UNICEF branches in the past did not accept donations from a biscuit company whose mother company was also involved in the manufacture of tobacco (dangerous to children), nor from a company that produces adhesives, one of which is glue used as adhesives for some parts of landmines (many victims of landmines have been children), nor from someone who owns a diversified group of companies, one of which is a leading liquor manufacturing company (how safe is this stuff for children?).

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