Monday, June 23, 2008


My friend Nono Montalvan writes in his column today in the Philippine Daily Inquirer about the recent move of current members of Congress, co-authors of a "reproductive health bill", to fast-track the passing of their bill.

The Honorable Edcel Lagman, Janette Garin, Narciso Santiago III, Mark Llandro Mendoza, Eleandro Jesus Madrona and Ana Theresa Hontiveros Baraquel would have us believe that their bill respects religious convictions and is not pro-abortion. If only they knew whereof they speak. It is an established fact that the connection between contraception and abortion is not only inseparable; there is a close identity between them.

The unnumbered house bill of these honorable representatives that goes under the lengthy title of “An Act Providing for a National Policy on Reproductive Health, Responsible Parenthood and Population Development, and for other purposes,” and referred to in brevity as the Consolidated Reproductive Health Bill, quietly passed the House Health Committee in an unprecedented two minutes without any decent discussion or appearance of meeting the requirements of the legislative process. With a seeming inclination to do away with lengthy processes simply to rush its approval, the bill is expected to proceed to plenary without dragging along public controversy.

We have to be more vigilant! We are at war. We know the enemy: those who speak the "language of war".

But there was a time when that cheesy phrase, “making love”, actually meant something significant because it pointed to the reality of what sex was, or at least, was supposed to be. Sex was about love. And love meant sacrifice. In contemporary society today, of course, sex is not about love. Sex is about using another person for orgasmic gratification apart from sacrifice.

In our times, sex is not about “making love” but rather “making war”.

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