Saturday, February 21, 2009

Man/Boy-love danger

Bob Hamer writes "Single Moms and NAMBLA" as a reaction to Ann Coulter's book Guilty.  HE writes of his undercover work in NAMBLA.  Read all.

He concludes, well, in some support to statistics that Ann used in her book:

I am often asked how we can protect our children. There is no magic formula for identifying a molester. There may be clues, but they are not foolproof. We cannot prove a negative. We can prove a person is a child molester. We cannot prove he is not. But Ann, let me expand on what you have said. I know you have been attacked for your chapter on single mothers and of course, there are exceptions to most rules, but single moms (and married moms and dads) let me give one piece of advice that Ann didn’t render. Based upon my three year affiliation with these child molesters, I observed one thing: Not one boy who came from a home with a strong, loving father figure was successfully targeted by a persuasion predator.

Protection may be that simple…a boy needs a loving father.

RP is safe for now from MBL.

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