Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thing is, the "porkulus" law can affect us

The stimulus package worth $787B (in paper) was signed into law a few days ago.  The US Congressional Budget Office reports that the law will really cost about $3.27T.  That's a lot of money (1 trillion dollar bills would be the equivalent of eight and a half planet earths stacked on top of each other).  A lot of money to hold power over the American people. 

So what? 

Thing is, the "porkulus" law can affect us in RP.   If, as Judge Roy Moore says, "it is an assault on our Constitution, our freedom and our faith", this stimulus package can only mean harm for us as well.  Of course, our veterans who fought for the US in World War II will get their lump sum reward (too little, too late?), but without a US economy stimulated (the law actually will not bring the kick the economy needs, some say), I do not see enough stimulus to stabilize our own economy in the long term

Yesterday, I heard from one of my colleagues in school ( that some of our partner-companies are sending us back some of our students who are on their on-the-job training (dual training system) with them, because the OJT's do not have any work or training.  This means that our students' graduation from their technician programs will have to be delayed, as the OJT is an important requirement.  Our partners have laid-off some regular workers and so we understand why the OJT's have to go as well.  They promise to take them back if the companies' operations are back on track.  The stimulus has to have a really good kick for our students to be back on track as well.

For what it's worth, we have new and old partner-companies who are taking in more OJT's this time.  Thank you very much for this.  But we are still short in our OJT placements.

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