Thursday, June 25, 2009

*That*, Detective, is the right question

Del Spooner gets to ask the right questions in the end.

MSM at the WH, well, they need to ask better. That's what The Anchoress thinks. She introduces her 10 Questions WH Press Corps left unasked, thus:

Yesterday’s O-presser was a little interesting. The White House seems to be doing what I predicted the other day; they’re suggesting that the so-so Cairo speech was the impetus for the popular uprising in Iran. Funny how that worked out. When the president finally figured out what was the right side to be on, then it was the side he’d always vociferously been on, and in fact, he caused the whole thing to happen. But the Weenee diplomacy is still on.

While the White House co-ordinated a question from the Huffington Post, even astonishing the press corps with their brazen stagecraft, here are some questions that the mostly fawning press did not ask the adolescent-angst-ridden POTUS:

"Prejudice never shows much reason." (Lawrence Robertson)

Photo from IMDB.

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