Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Of course, they blame the government.  It is what friends in the US call the BDS, although here it is GDS:  Gloria Derangement Syndrome.  Of course many praise the hero for his achievements now that he has been honored (and mind you, it had to take a US media group, yep, American, that some of you so hate), the question is, where were you when he was still a nobody?  So ride the popularity train, it is near elections anyway.

My school is turning twenty next year.  There has not been any year when we lacked applicants to our three-year industrial technician and one-year industrial skills training programs.  Because there have always been poor students, and we cater to the poor. 

Even as Mr. Tinio in the PDI story puts the sorry-state of Philippine education as a "legacy of the Arroyo administration", I dare remind him that as we put up the school precisely to serve a poorly-served sector, we saw, in the first ten years of our existence, three Presidents of the Philippines.  The doldrums that RP education is in, as you seem to say, is a legacy of many Presidents, and from my school's point of view, of four Presidents, not just one.

But we do what we can to help students finish their courses, so that they can help their families improve their quality of life and take them out of the cycle of poverty.  We do not blame anyone.  We get anyone and everyone to help.  Blaming anyone and putting him in a guilt-trip does not work.  We are happier not having anyone to blame for the miseries of our students and their families. 

On second thought, we can probably blame some -- those of us in school, for not doing even better what we ought to do for these students.

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