Thursday, November 05, 2009

What's on your face, aborted fetal tissue?

Judie Brown's recent column at ALL entitled "I'D RATHER HAVE WRINKLES THAN KILL BABIES, NEOCUTIS" quotes the press release of Children of God for Life on cosmetic company Neocutis's use of aborted fetal material to produce its anti-wrinkle skin cream. Anyway, "Fetuses that undergo abortions are not alive. ~ Jodi Jacobson, Senior Political Editor for Reproductive Health Reality Check." H/T: Jill Stanek

Ethics and vanity, ha!, always a dilemma.

In the US, three local elections closely followed in recent weeks were those for the governorships of New Jersey, Virginia, and the NY Congressional District 23. Katie Walker at ALL had this lede:

What do Dede Scozzafava, Creigh Deeds and Gov. Jon Corzine have in common? All were endorsed by abortion mammoth Planned Parenthood. All three candidates were virulent supporters of abortion rights and opponents of human personhood.

Many have said that the pro-life and conservative groups in the US are making their marks again. Many of them are now encouraged to do what they can, whether running for office of joining the various advocacies. Because it is really worthwhile to stick to these values, because these are right.

I say it again: our politicians in RP should see the events unfolding in the US now. They had better shape up.

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