Monday, March 01, 2010

Al shows up

In print, that is: NYT op-ed.

Still, he won't show up in debate. Don't take his word for it though. Better to read the antidote by Jules -- in short, Al does not say anything which he has not already said before.

Photo from Jules.

Ok, it’s settled, the science isn’t settled. Thanks, Al, for sort of acknowledging that. I notice he overlooked the fact that some diehard warmalists have wavered in the last few years, never mind that that IPCC twelve-pack was a few beers short of full consensus. Come on already with the fact that the warming’s stopped. Kind of makes me wonder if they aren’t lying about the ice caps melting, too. Anyway, Al, what did you expect, everything to stay the same forever? When did that ever happen on this planet?

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