Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Let the conspiracy theories begin

The conspiracy theorists are having a field day beginning today, what with the emperor put in position. Y'know, the more we harp on these things, the truer they become. There is always that tendency that we will get what we imagine things to be.

Talking of dreams, here may be some of them types of dreamers. If they think she will change her mind, well,
“If the Church teaches that contraceptives are immoral, nothing can change that. Not even the vote of the whole country can change that,” he said.
Groupthink at work? The narrative is the same -- if some groups say or do something that isn't according to your narrative, it is not okay: you are sexist, homophobe, human rights violator, etc. But if your side says or does something that the former groups don't like, not according to your narrative, they should not give a hoot about it.

Tell me which side of the issue is which.

Update: Reading Cassy after I posted, and you should also, there is some similarity ...
Frankly, Angie is acting in typical behavior for a liberal. Liberals love to talk about “risky” or “taboo” things, and then pat themselves on the back for being courageous. This is basically the exact same thing. She says she isn’t doing it for a publicity stunt? She’s doing it to “de-mystify” abortion? Please. She wants attention, pure and simple. Some women may indeed be scared to have abortions, but watching Angie Jackson talk about having one isn’t exactly going to lead scared women to a moment of pure enlightenment and relief. This is another typical feature of liberalism. Their narcissism leads them to think that everything they do inspires someone, or encourages someone, or is somehow meaningful or special. In real life, it isn’t. No one cares about Angie Jackson, and they wouldn’t even know she existed were it not for this controversy she created.

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