Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Will Al impose restrictions? and the new color of AGW

When Al comes to the Philippines on April 30 for Part 3 of the Leadership Conference Series at the SMX Convention Center at SM Mall of Asia Complex where he will present an Asian version of "An Inconvenient Truth", will he limit "media members ... to record video and audio of the first five minutes" of his talk in the same way he will "censor" his audience at Duke University on April 8? Will Philippine media and Filipinos in the audience at SM accept these restrictions, if indeed he will impose? It is known that Al has been censoring questions, so I am pretty sure April 30 in the Philippines would be no different. By the way, will he take a private jet? Just asking.

What is he so afraid of? If the recent "exonerations" of Michael Mann and Phil Jones are a plus to the AGW alarmists, what is Al so afraid of? Besides that we don't give a damn about global warming that much, that is.

Talking of "exonerations", I think the new color for environmentalists is now white. As in whitewash.

Update: when Al comes around, we will have rain and bad weather.

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