Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Silently working to silence the screams

Sometimes, coming out too strongly with your guns ablaze may not work at all.  The abortion industry's noisy push after Roe v. Wade for doctors to offer abortions as part of their hospital practice did not work.  The theory was that if doctors included abortion in their practice, there would not be any need for abortion clinics.  Doctors did little to no effort and abortions were mostly done in Planned Parenthood and private abortion clinics and not in hospitals.

Even as the trend did not really cut down the number of abortions, doctors were not too keen at including abortions in their practice.  This may change.

Working silently in the background now are certain groups of doctors, the new abortion providers that Emily Bazelon writes about in The New York Times Magazine, who have been moving to "lift the status of abortion in medicine."  Much like how the contraceptive mentality has pervaded the minds of some doctors and medical professionals.

The mission:  ... to recruit not only future abortion providers but also the supporters they’ll need inside medicine later in their professional lives.

Add:  See Pia's take here.


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