Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The spin itself is disgusting enough

Some days ago, a baby was found in a trash bin of an airplane that had just landed at the Manila airport.  Thanks God that the "baby boy was alive and kicking.

Some days prior to this baby's discovery, an infant girl was found dead on the steps of Planned Parenthood in Winston-Salem in North Carolina.  Danielle Bean writes at that:

Testing confirms that this baby Jane Doe was born alive, and some think that she might have been left on the steps in a mistaken attempt to make use the NC infant abandonment laws which allow for infants to be left at “safe” locations and taken into custody of the state with no questions asked. These laws are meant to protect the lives of newborn babies born to frightened teens or unstable mothers of any kind. There are no legal consequences for abandoning a 7-day-old or younger infant at one of these centers.

 The news report includes these words:

Reed (a PP VP) said this is the first time that a dead infant has been placed outside of a Planned Parenthood office in North Carolina. She said counseling was being made available to employees who came to work Saturday.

Read what Danielle and Jill Stanek say about this counseling being made available to PP employees.  I agree.

I also add one thought.  

Isn't there also a media spin to this?  

Since the pro-aborts (and their liberal media cohorts -- redundant?) have always been saying that the aborted babies, even including those victims in late-term and partial-birth abortions are not yet babies (thus not human nor rightfully victims), this infant girl who may have been born alive was human, and thus a victim (of negligence and the loophole in the sanctuary law, maybe).  

This changes everything.  This requires, surely, counseling, because a person died here, and quite distressing for PP employees to encounter someone dead in their premises.  Heck, the employees might even file for PTSD coverage.

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