Monday, September 27, 2010

The UN, Mahmoud, and ET

Last week, the UN allowed once again Iran President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to rant against his enemies.  The disgusting thing about that event last week was that many country representatives there even applauded him.  Some say that applause was only as a sign of respect for a head of state exercising his right to be heard at the UN, where everyone is equal.

The response of the US delegation and those that followed them in the walk out (was the RP delegation one those who stayed behind and applauded?) was the right one.  There is no respect for a man like that.

What's with the UN?  Really, what's happening to the UN?  If not being used as pawn for scare tactics related to (the perceived danger of) overpopulation and of catastrophic climate disturbances brought about by anthropogenic causes, it has consented to being used as a forum for radical governments and ideologies to get one over the more decent ones.

If that is bad enough, now it has appointed an ambassador for "alien affairs", a first responder, if you will, if and when the aliens come and visit.  

It can't even teach erring members civility and decency when they're needed, now the UN wants to deal with aliens?

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