Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Kid gloves

Since some (in government, media, and in every other nook and cranny) believe the science is clear (it definitely is not) on global warming, tv and print usually treat with kid gloves those who talk about the dangers of anthropogenic global warming, a climate condition that they themselves almost always admit is uncertain.  Even if the so-called "expert"  (sometimes a government lackey who is not even a climate expert or one who took one natural science subject in university or  maybe served in the Senate) contradicts himself or proposes, nay, simply says that we need to do something but not actually have the solution in mind, media will not raise a hoot.

Here's what I picked up from WUWT.  One question that needed to be asked:  "Which is more important – the health and welfare of people suffering today, or those not yet born who might suffer someday due to climate change that even you admit is highly uncertain?"

On another note, when a friend asked me why some of the newspapers in the country seem to be favoring the reproductive health bill, I told her that they are only true to form.  If they believe anthropogenic global warming (in other words, that people are evil because they emit too much CO2), then it follows that they don't want more people, which any legislated reproductive health law will always tend too.

Saw in a graphic:  Until environmentalists stop pushing for population control, I will not plant a tree.

Update:  Prof. Solita Monsod said this re the President's 100 days report:  the Millennium Development grant would have been awarded to the Philippines whether it was Aquino or another candidate who won.

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