Saturday, October 09, 2010

When does life begin? The navy captain and the doctor!

Nope, this wouldn't be that type of post.  I will simply say I believe it is at fertilization.  Take it or leave it.

The question was recently raised by a Philippine Congressman, Rep. Anthony Golez of Bacolod.  Rep. Golez is a medical doctor. 

A legislator who is also a medical doctor thinks he has cut to the heart of the reproductive health bill debate, challenging colleagues to answer the question: “When does life begin?” 

Bacolod City Rep. Anthony Golez has filed a resolution asking the House to conduct an inquiry to determine whether or not conception begins with fertilization or with the implantation of the fertilized egg in the uterus. Implantation takes place six or seven days after fertilization.

Golez, a medical doctor, believes that conception begins with fertilization.

If his view is adopted, the move would essentially ban oral contraceptives and the intrauterine device for inducing abortion.

According to Golez, settling the question of when conception begins will have an impact on the kind of birth control methods that the government can lawfully provide.

This is great!  I just pray that there are enough in our Congress who believe as Rep. Golez does.  Of course, there is another Congressman Golez (of Paranaque, Roilo Golez), who earlier filed House Bill #13, another pro-choice bill.  Another one to commend.

The navy captain and the doctor!  Hooya!


Rey said...

if life begins at fertilization then it probably ends at birth to parents who can not properly nurture the child. yes, define "life".

ForzaMillan said...

Not really. But certainly even earlier, if they prevent the fertilized embryo from implantation or procure an abortion.