Monday, December 06, 2010

Because it needs to be said

Not that it has not been said many times in the past.

Some of the Catholic faithful have expressed the fear that the battle for the RH bill in the Philippine Congress is a lost cause.  While I am generally an optimist and a "fight-until-the-fat-lady-sings"-type, I can see why there is the fear..

Why has a time like this come to be?

Because we, both clergy and laity, have been too silent, too forgiving of our brothers and sisters who have lost their way.  True, there is a need for compassion.  But how far should this compassion go? Compassion while pushing moral relativism is not the answer.

But silence is not the only reason.  What is worse is that some in the Church have contradicted Church teaching, specifically Humanae Vitae, and have suggested without even the slightest fear of error that contraceptive use is not sinful. 

Some are even trying to create a "consensus" RH Bill, that is really, in substance, still the same crap.

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