Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Rights of Mother Earth

Could soon be equal to human rights.  

If the UN (finally) will follow the "lead" of Bolivia who recently passed a national law recognizing the rights of "Mother Earth" as equal to human rights.  Incidentally, the UN will try to get this resolved by April 22, the International Mother Earth Day.  A real good source of sacrifice and mortification as it is also Good Friday this year.  Shush, no laughing.

The UN draft says that Mother Earth also has the right to life.  That's well and good.  

But knowing that the UN is supportive of abortion rights, will it be alright to say that there could also be a right to abort whatever fruits Mother Earth may have?  Who will determine what fruits will be "inconvenient" and thus possible of termination?

My vibe is that Mother Earth will be luckier than some human mothers and babies.


WillyJ said...

HA! The UN's moral compass flies off the charts. On second thought, it has no moral compass pala. Your vibes are ringing true - they cant "determine what fruits will be 'inconvenient'" coz they don't have a slightest clue. The Magesterium has seen the writing on the wall. Here is item #463 in the Compendium of Social Doctrine:

463. A correct understanding of the environment prevents the utilitarian reduction of nature to a mere object to be manipulated and exploited. At the same time, it must not absolutize nature and place it above the dignity of the human person himself. In this latter case, one can go so far as to divinize nature or the earth, as can readily be seen in certain ecological movements that seek to gain an internationally guaranteed institutional status for their beliefs.[973]

The Magisterium finds the motivation for its opposition to a concept of the environment based on ecocentrism and on biocentrism in the fact that “it is being proposed that the ontological and axiological difference between men and other living beings be eliminated, since the biosphere is considered a biotic unity of undifferentiated value. Thus man's superior responsibility can be eliminated in favour of an egalitarian consideration of the ‘dignity' of all living beings”.[974]

ForzaMillan said...

It fits the narrative of over-population and thus the need for population control. And since man is nature's worst enemy, there is therefore the need to protect Mother Earth from, hey, us.

What is now in vogue is a form of neo-paganism, where God and his creation are placed in equal footing, and man is "just another" in creation. The alarming thing is that nature is now garnished with characteristics unique to persons alone.

Then again, much of the environmental agenda now contradicts many of the Church's doctrine on creation.

Man as a steward of creation is now man as a virus.