Monday, April 11, 2011

"Walang pakialam"

Lea Salonga has been quoted in the papers as saying, in a rally at Ayala Alabang against the barangay ordinance #1 (series of 2011), "Wala namang may pakialam dapat sa nangyayari sa ating mga (No one can interfere on what's happening in our) bedrooms."

Although this rally was not a rally about the proposed RH Bill now in Congress, there were many in the rally who were pro-RH Bill.

Funny, what she says, because this is precisely what the pro-life (anti-RH Bill) groups have been saying all along, that an RH Law will legislate what couples can or cannot do in their bedrooms.

Now, why does Mainstream Media not take her up on that, but aim their guns on pro-lifers who say this of the government if an RH Law is passed?  Double standard, huh?

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