Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Fr Luis+

Yesterday, they laid Fr. Luis to rest at Heritage.  The last time I saw him and spoke with him was after the get-together with Bishop Javier Echevarria at UA&P in July 2008.  I wanted to visit him last May or June when I was in Luzon, but I could not then.

I first met Fr. Luis in the summer of 1986.  That was in a seminar held at MFI's conference center in Talisay, Batangas.  It was great fun.  My first time up Mt. Batulao in Nasugbu was with him and maybe 10 others.  No more delay!  was one of his favorite cheers to us young people on that climb.

We had to hike up to Tagaytay from Talisay, continued to the rotonda and from there took a bus to Batulao resort, then hiked up to Mt. Batulao.  We arrived back inTalisay at about 9pm.

Over the years I had stayed with him also in our homes in Cebu City.  I remember him often pulling the leg of us CITE folks, especially after he celebrates Mass in school:  When are you organizing a choir?  

Thing is, we had, but you know how tech guys can generally be with respect to singing in a choir.  I don't think we ever fulfilled that "dream" of Fr. Luis for CITE.  We fulfilled other dreams he had for us, just not that one melodic dream.  Are we working on that one? Well...

Here's a photo with him, one Christmas Day.

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Would be glad to help out, Peter. ;-)

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