Friday, July 01, 2011

A little more respect: How the Feast of the Sacred Heart started for me in Cagayan de Oro

Now I can write.  I am less annoyed (irritated, pissed?).

This morning, I wore a red shirt I have not worn for some time.  Because now it fits again. ;-)

I went to attend Holy Mass at the Sacred Heart Church in Cagayan de Oro.  I like to attend Mass there as the Blessed Sacrament fathers have a Eucharistic Adoration after the Mass, and we can pray afterwards with Our Lord in a big monstrance upon the altar.

Remember the red shirt?  Well, half of the Mass goers this time was in red.  I fit right in.  Of course, today is the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and the Church celebrates with the votive colors of red.  But I did not plan to wear red because of the feast, but because the red shirt fit.  Again.  A less worthy celebration, but a celebration nevertheless.

The Holy Mass went just fine.  Nearing the end of the Mass though, the noise level outside at the entrance was increasing.  Not yet disturbing.  At the Benediction and Adoration time after the Mass was a different story.  The noise was terrible.  Shouting, running about, etc.  The decibel level was nearing last night's Wimby Centre Court semi-finals.

Even as I had wanted to stay longer, I did not want since I would end up not praying at all, even probably angry, and anger does not make for good prayer and meditation.  It was bad enough that the morning traffic outside was increasing.

So who were causing the ruckus?  Kids.

Kids.  Don't get so worked up with kids.  No, I am not.  They are immature, less responsible, although I can say that there were probably high school students there as well.  

But they are kids.  I can let that pass.  But, WHERE ARE THE TEACHERS?  WHERE ARE THE ADULTS OF THIS SCHOOL?  

As I walked out, I saw a man who looked like he was an adult, a big man, in dress pants and long-sleeved shirt.  He looked like he would be responsible enough.

So I asked him if these were his students, and he affirmed that.  Then I let him really have it.

(Silly, not that way.)  I told him that Our Lord was there on the altar, at the same time pointing towards Our Lord.   I added that they could show a little more love, and at least reduce the noise, so that the others who wanted to pray can do so.  And I said thanks.  Bless that man for listening.

I walked away, thinking about Our Lord.  He is indeed Lord, having all the patience there on the altar.  A truly Sacred Heart.

Me?  I lost it, and rightly so, because I am far from holy.  Should I just have walked away without saying anything?  I doubt there was anyone else who spoke up, although there were those who looked back at what the noise was all about earlier. But then slowly turned their heads back to Our Lord on the altar.

I hope that man took something from what I told him.  I hope he gets to tell the adults in that school that they teach their students how to behave in Church, even as the Mass has not started.  Especially since Our Lord was on the altar for adoration.  I hope he gets to tell the adults in his school that they be more present so that the kids have better deportment in these similar circumstances.  

It is possible.  Come to Rosevale School and see for yourself.  How much love these kids and teachers have for Our Lord!  And they have regular Mass on the third floor of one of their buildings, not even a church.

I am at awe how students and teachers from two schools in the same city act in so contrasting fashion before Mass.  I sure hope they even out DURING Mass.

I do not know how that played out in the end as I walked away.  The noises from the kids were drowned by the sounds of the cars that whizzed by.

Disclosure:  I help out in Rosevale School in many ways.  This is why I know how they do things there.  Photo was taken some weeks back.  

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