Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Golden Ball

No! Sul serio? Non siete exaggerando? Ma, come e' possibile?

But there it is. Journalists voted to give Zizou the Golden Ball for FIFA 2006 World Cup Germany. After being banished from the pitch in the finals, and missing France's third match in group play because of two previous yellow cards, Zidane gets an award.

I really, really, really want to ask "What's wrong with journalists?" but I won't. I have journalist friends. I still want to be in speaking terms with them. Besides they absolutely had nothing to do with the decision. Nasty thought though: Given the chance, would they have voted for ZZ?

The only consolation I am getting in this is that Oliver Khan had it first, and deserved more. Except that Oliver never held the Jules Rimet. Arghh.

Adidas (my favorite sportsgear) is putting up by Saturday a website where fans can say thank you to Zizou (mercizidane.fr). The best video wishes could win the #10 jersey that Zizou used in the finals. Anyone want to put up another site, like embarraszizou or hontezizou?

This is a crazy world. Siamo pazzi tutti.

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