Sunday, July 30, 2006

Round South

Took a trip "round south" of Cebu today. Thought I'd make a road trip with some friends. Leaving Cebu City at 10am, we thought of just riding the east coast of Cebu out to Santander and back (with some sightseeing along the way). Lunch at Arbor View Cafe, just before Club Fort Med in Boljoon -- then to Bato Port in Santander. Once in Bato, we decided to drive back along the TaƱon Strait, coastal towns on Cebu's west coast up to Barili. Cut through back to Carcar. Reached home at about 7pm. The roads on the west coast have been much improved. I don't know who is responsible for the development in those areas, but I was happy. Except for small portions, which should be much improved soon as there were also road work being done, the roads were good. With Enya on the car audio system as we cruised along the west coast.

Forzamillan has pictures.

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