Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Good Friday: Where is Jesus?

As the crucifix was being prepared for the veneration of the cross, a young boy, Paul (we later knew his name), maybe 5 years old, came up to one of the ministers (altar boys) holding the crucifix and asked him, "Where is Jesus?" Perhaps Paul was intrigued that the crucifix was covered with a purple veil. Paul could not wait for the veil to be taken off, so that he may see Jesus again. Many years have I attended this church for the Good Friday services and I could not remember that there was a corpus on this wooden cross. What I know is that it has on it a relic of the True Cross of Christ. How would Paul's reaction be when he finds out that Jesus isn't on the cross, once the veil is removed?

As the priest and the ministers slowly unveiled the veil in the usual Good Friday rite, Paul was there every step of the way, down the center aisle. When alas all of the veil was removed, at this time near the steps leading to the presbiterium, still there was no Jesus. How would Paul take it?

As he did not see Jesus, Paul positioned himself near the crucifix and sometimes followed even the priests who were concelebrating. No one shooed him away. He was looking for Jesus and he couldn't find him. He did not see Jesus. Jesus had been laid in the tomb.

I would not know if Paul attended the Easter Vigil Mass in the same Church. I wasn't there too as I went to another church. But if he did, even as that crucifix will have been kept, Paul would have seen Jesus again, as He is truly Risen.

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