Friday, March 28, 2008

No mas

A story of conversion.

There was a priest in Mexico who went looking for a Crucifix for a chapel. He saw one in an old shop, and even if the cross was very worn out, the corpus was still in very good condition. He decided to purchase the Crucifix, thinking that replacing the cross was easy.

He asked a carpenter-sculptor to come to the chapel and see what can be done with the Crucifix. The man took off the corpus and brought the cross to his shop, where he fabricated another one to replace the worn out cross.

When he finished, he brought the new cross to the priest, who was happy with what the carpenter did. Before he paid him and sent him away, the priest asked him "to finish the job" by attaching the corpus to the cross. The man took the cross and the corpus to the work area of the chapel and started "crucifying" the corpus Christi.

As he was in progress, the man started to cry. When the priest arrived to check on his work, he saw the man crying. When he asked him what was wrong, the man told the priest, "No mas. No mas. For most of my life I have been crucifying our Lord over and over again with the the many wrongs I have done, the many sins I have committed. This is the last time."

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