Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Show me some class

I first saw her a few moments before my flight was called when she walked past me. She had class -- her beauty and her clothes, footwear, everything about her. I took my time even as my flight was called. I usually do that anyway. Not one to join the rush. Besides I almost always get an aisle seat (in Ceb-speak, a charlie or delta seat), so I do not have to rush.

As I entered the aircraft, I checked my boarding pass. 11D. I smiled and thought. I can react to this in two ways: as I was clearly to be seated in an emergency exit row (10 or 11), either the lady at the check-in counter saw how big I was so with all charity she placed me in that seat, or it was pure coincidence, as I never asked for it. Either way I was happy.

When I reached Row 11, I saw, seated on 11E, the lady with class.

As the flight progressed, I observed, not intentionally, that she had a diamond encrusted ring on her finger (married, lucky hubby!) and a lady's Rolex watch. Class. I say not intentionally, as she was reading the inflight magazine, and her left arm and hand just inside my peripheral vision.

As is usual in this airline's Manila flights, the game was called. It was the show me game. I don't like this game because I never win that game. Usually the gamemaster asks things that can be found in one's wallet or person; the more common ones: picture of your mother-in-law; senior citizen ID; Sun SIM; ticket -- lottery and bus tickets most popular. I don't win because I do not have the habit of having my wallet in my pocket (it's in the bag in the luggage bin above), and even if by teeny chance I have it, I would not have any of those things in it. If you know me, you would understand.

Back to the lady with class. When game was called, she got her bag, opened it, and scooped her wallet even before the F/A explained the mechanics of the game. Who would have thought? Lady with class came prepared. When an "ID" was called, lady showed one, and she was first even, but it was the senior citizen card that the gamesmaster wanted. When "picture" was called, surely it was that of the mother-in-law, but lady did not have -- in my experience on those flights, only once was anyone able to show a picture -- that was a tough one, and no one on board had the photo this time. When "ticket" was called, she had her e-ticket raised, but alas, it was a lottery ticket that was required. When a "Sun SIM" card was called, she almost made it but somewhere upfront someone was quicker.

Not that the game isn't with class, but lady with class had no qualms trying to win one of the prizes. Who would have thought?

I like the Q&A game. So far I've won 2 shoe bags (I kept them), 1 plastic tumbler (kid beside me was the lucky recipient), 1 belt bag (gave to my sister's cleaning lady), and 1 waterproof pouch (gave to a co-participant in a seminar).

I have to admit that there was another thing lady with class did that made me think that, well, lady with class was still human. See, as I sat beside her, she was just about to finish the cola-drink-in-a-plastic cup that she was sipping. Gas in, gas out. She did it. Ever so quietly, she did it. Then, quietly, she also says "sorry".

Burp. She burped. What were you thinking?

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