Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Beyond the numbers

World Youth Day 2008 ended last Sunday. Here are words from the Holy Father in a get-together with WYD volunteers before he left for Rome on Monday.

"In the crowds that have assembled here in Sydney we have seen a vivid expression of the unity-in-diversity of the universal Church, a vision in microcosm of the united human family that we long to see.

"Those experiences of prayer, and our joyful celebration of the Eucharist, were an eloquent testimony to the life-giving work of the Holy Spirit, present and active in the hearts of our young people. World Youth Day has shown us that the Church can rejoice in the young people of today and be filled with hope for the world of tomorrow."

Even as we should look beyond the numbers, here are some from National Catholic Registrar WYD blog:

WYD Numbers

For a breakdown on the WYD numbers, here are a few:

223,000 total pilgrims

110,000 overseas pilgrims from 170 nations

3.5 million meals served in 400 venues

8,000 volunteers

2,000 accredited media

4,000 priests and deacons

420 bishops and 26 cardinals

Pilgrims consumed 215,000 meat pies, 360,000 lamingtons, and 100,000 litres of milk.

1.1 million communion hosts were produced for WYD Masses and 1,000 priests heard confessions

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