Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Proud to be Cebuano?

In a recent trip to my hometown in Mindanao, some friends and acquaintances commented especially when I talk that I have become Bisaya. Even as my Bisaya accent and vocabulary have improved through the more than half of my lifetime spent in Cebu, I tell them that I do not consider myself Bisaya.

I am still a Mindanaoan. True, I was born in Manila but my parents, both from Mindanao, came back to the Land of Promise soon after I was born and they have lived there ever since. I went to university in Manila, staying there a little over five years, and has since lived in Cebu City for almost twenty.

For about ten years now, however, I have made fortnightly trips to Mindanao for an average of 6 days a month. I still consider me, Mindanaoan.

There are just many instances when "being Cebuano" is not something to be proud of (sounding like Michelle Obama in her "hasn’t had a real moment of pride in her country" spiel some months back). One is the Cebuanos's penchant for throwing stuff into the playing field (and to the people and players in the sporting field or stage) when a decision is not favorable. Of course, hey, this happens in many places. But then why be like those in other places?

Then recently Elai narrates of a trip she makes to Cebu, an otherwise enjoyable trip to a Cebu tourist spot, with a little hitch -- she says, "ripped off".

Okay. okay, this happens in many places too. But why do we need to do as others do when we can always do better?
My hunch was that it was because of the company I was with. Like aliens carry millions of cash in their backpacks. And this company of mine told me that its unbelievable, that I get ripped off in my own country. So if you plan to go there too...i recommend you go there and get away from the noisy city. And just enjoy nature. But by all means, be smarter than me, and beware of the bad guys.
Makes me almost think, as my evil twin: GABA. GABA. GABA.

The links forzamillan made in this blog do not in any way suggest that the authors of those blogs and articles linked to support my thinking. Only that these appeared as the first ones in a google search -- evil twin.


leylander said...

with all due respect to you, sir...


ForzaMillan said...

yep, worse than failure. but wasn't this funny?

Anonymous said...

Proud to be Mindanaoan or "Proud to be DavaoeƱo?"


Anonymous said...

"Okay. okay, this happens in many places too. [b]But why do we need to do[/b] as others do when we can always do better?"

--- So kayo naman pala ang gumagawa nito sa lugar namin. Umalis nga kayo mga hindi taga dito, baka mas magiging peaceful at malinis pa ang city namin.

ForzaMillan said...

Oh the wonders of anonymity!

Anonymous said...

Get lost bitch, dagdag basura ka lang sa bayan! Bobo!

ForzaMillan said...

Lots of loving to you too! The vermin coming out of your mouth is actually filling up the web with filth.

And no, i won't go away. You commented on my blog.

At least the bitch and bobo has a name!

Anonymous said...

Amaw man siguro ka ForaMillan. Wala jud ka malooy sa mga na biktima sa bagyo no, imo pa jud gi giingnan ug GABA. Hastang pagka amawa gyud nimo bro, angay jud kang panitan.

ForzaMillan said...

ForzaMillan uy! Kupya na lang sayop pa!

Wa man ka kakuha sa akong blogpost. Wa man ka ka-sabot.

Sige lang. I understand you. I forgive you.

Last word man gihapon ko.

Thank you for adding to my blog traffic. Salamat. Balik-balik lang.

Anonymous said...

Your welcome bro. Actually gi bookmark jud ni nako imong post kay malingaw ko ug tubag tubag aning imong inoplok nga post.

Sorry diay, pwede Pedro nalay akoang tawag nimo, Peter bitaw ka di ba, kay maglisud ko sa imong imported name nga ForzaMillan(aka Peter), bisdak man gud ko, sorry ha?

Sorry pud diay bro kung wala ko kasabot anang imong GABA links nga tulo ka buok ga sunod, sa sunod bro tarunga ug edit imong post para masabtan ang imong maanindot nga mensahe diha.


Anonymous said...

ForzaMillan's crab mentality at work.

ianne said...

Shut up! If your province will be hit by typhoon, that means Gaba, Gaba, Gaba, to your province too?You're not a proud cebuano because you're not one, stupid! At least, we don't bomb each other here.

ForzaMillan said...

Thanks for the traffic once again. If you read the blogpost again, I did not just write GABA, GABA, GABA. I wrote "Makes me almost think,..." Operative word: almost.

Then again it pains me that there is more proof to what I blogged about with the comments you make. Truth is getting to hurt more and more.


Anonymous said...

Pls, Mr. Millan. Don't panegyrize yourself too much. It's just blog traffic. LOL

ForzaMillan said...

Keep it coming. Let's see when I reach 100.
Being respectful now, I see. Thank you. See how nice it reads!
Arrivederci amore!

Anonymous said...

Ako tong ni tawag nimo ug amaw ug ang imong post nga inoplok. Ang respetar nga mahatag unta nako nimo is "Respetar sa tiguwang". Sadista ka? Gikalipay nimo ang kasakit sa ubang tawo? Pagka oplok jud. Last nalang ni nako nga post , sorry, dili na ko ka contribute sa imong blog traffic.
Akoa lang i clarify manoy nga wala koy problema anang imong post bahin sa imong yangoyango bahin sa kinaiya sa mga Cebuano. Timan-i na lang nga walay tawo nga perpekto.
Ang ako lang, ang imong pagka walay kasing kasing sa mga nabiktima sa bagyo. Northern Cebu was hit by storm unya ingon ka ug GABA? unsa nalang diay tong nangamatay nga kapin sa 800, unsa nalay tawag nimo sa Iloilo nga gilunopan? Pagka walay sympatiya jud tawon. Ari nalang ko kutob manoy kay basin atakehon unya ka sa imong kasing kasing magbasa ug ingon ani nga comment.

ForzaMillan said...

Sometimes we persist to interpret in bad faith the intentions of our neighbour; then we have no right to demand that people should be understanding with us.

Anonymous said...

Well, well, well.. ako cebuano, just proud to be one.

Sir, wala man pud nangangkon ang cebu nimo..

Cebu is really progressing and it can't be helped because people here are nice and intelligent pajud. Thats why most people(mga taga mindanao, taga manila or foreigner) prefer to stay here in Cebu than in any place. We welcome everyone and treated as if Cebuano.

And talking about GABA, wala nalay kwenta ang mga earthqaukes and floods sa ubang country, u mean GABA sab to? and what about Mindanao which has endless wars and kidnapping? Instead promise land, Curse land? Unsa na GABA? I pity u. You are not considerate person manong. Maybe people in Mindanao doesn't like peace at all. Look at Mindanao at this present situation.. Cguro ang Mindanao ing-ana tungod sa mga kina-iyang pareha nimo.

I dont care kung unsa imong e-reply i wont be reading it anyway. Just dropping by..labay lang po. Cge have a nice day.

ForzaMillan said...

Thank you for the blog traffic. And thank you for your anonymous comment. Such beauty this thing called anonymity!

Again, "hard to get"!

ForzaMillan said...

That's mature. Oh the wonders of anonymity! You must be one of those Cebuanos I pertain to. Only proves the point. Groupthink, groupthink.

ForzaMillan said...

Thank you again for the comment. You've actually made this post number 1 in google search. You have to be "proud" of yourself. Why are you in Makati, by the way, are you ashamed of staying in Cebu?

RDT said...

Oi mga igsoon nakong taga sugbo sab, palihug dli nlang ta mu react ug mga ingon ani beh kai kita rai ma ingnan nga pikon ug uban pa. Mag trabaho nalang ta para sa atong isla kai ang sige ug kasuko maka luya baya na. Hina-ot wala nay laing Cebuano ang mu comment after this post.And please should you see other post like this around the net, ayaw na lang ug tubayi.