Tuesday, July 08, 2008

No Good Organizations

One of the most tracked stories of last week was the Colombian Army's daring rescue of Ingrid Betancourt, 3 American defense contractors, and 11 other Colombians held hostage by the FARC for years. Definitely feel-good story.

The Colombian Army fooled the FARC into thinking that they were handing over the hostages to a FARC bigwig through an NGO.

Leaves a bad taste in the mouth since I work for an NGO. Now, why would FARC trust an NGO? Is it because FARC has dealt with NGO's before? NGO's that favored them? NGO's are non-government, yes, but should they be anti-government, working with rebels, helping them transfer hostages?

It is no wonder that governments are wary of NGO's sometimes.

Read here.

How the Hostages Were Rescued - Operation Jaque

In an operation codenamed "Jaque" members of the Colombian armed forces over time were able to infiltrate the ranks of the FARC and persuade a guerrilla known only as "Cesar" to move the high profile hostages to a pre-agreed spot for a helicopter rendezvous with an NGO. This NGO would then supposedly move the hostages to a secure place to meet potentially with the new leader of the FARC Alfonso Cano or possibly with FARC Secretariat member Mono Jojoy. The NGO in question was of course fictitious and as soon as the helicopter was airborne the Colombian military let it be known that the captives were on their way to freedom, first to San Jose del Guaviare and then later on to Bogota.

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Undercover Colombian commandoes flew to the jungle camp in a civilian helicopter, claiming to be from a fictitious non-government organisation.

There's been a buzz that "rebels" in the whole world will no longer deal with people who wear Che Guevara shirts or use anything with Che Guevara. Attention to "negotiators". You might be regarded as double crossers?

BTW, do your children like spicy food or foreign food? If they have aversion to these food, chances are they'll turn out to be declared as RACISTS! At least if they are in the UK. You cannot make this up. Read here.

Thanks to my Momma who fed me well. Thanks Ma.

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